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Hi Guess the Restaurant

Culture générale

All your favorite restaurant brand logos are gathering in this addictive trivia quiz. Can you guess all the brand logos and icons in the pics? Challenge and guess now!This is a great free logo quiz game which will bring you endless fun and joy! I believe you will love this game as you like other trivia quiz games. We can see various popular restaurant brand icons every day and everywhere. Like on TV, two sides of the streets, in magazines... I believe you must have tasted the delicious food and drinks in some of them, like Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. But how many these logos can you recognize? Start now! Its easy to play for everyone. Just have a look at the icon in the image and guess the name of it.And the best thing of this game is that you can get everyone around you involved and challenge them to find out who knows more restaurant logos and who can guess those icons faster, or you can play it solo offline. We will keep updating the game with more and more amazing icon puzzles. There will be a continuous challenge. The fun does not end.
Stuck? Dont worry, you can use hints to solve puzzles that you cant figure out or even reach out to your friends using Facebook to ask for help. Or you also can tap the “Reveal Letter” button to show a random correct letter, the “Remove Letters” function will help you to remove the incorrect letters. And if you want to access the next puzzle directly, you can tap the button of “Skip Puzzle”. Besides, if you already run out of the hints, you can get more free ones by watching video ads or share it to Facebook.
What are you waiting for? Come on, download and try it right now! Challenge the puzzles and find out if you are a real foodie.
Easy to start and immediately fun!Free, no registration required. Download and start this popular quiz now! See the brand logo in the picture and guess the name of the restaurant.
Challenge the most addictive puzzles, enjoy no ending fun!How many restaurant brands can you recognize? You must have tasted the delicious food in some of them. Start the game and solve puzzles now!
Fresh and well-designed graphics!You will feel comfortable and fresh when you see the images. The colors of the game interface are matched perfectly.
Hints are ready to help.You can use the free hints (Reveal Letter, Remove Letters and Skip Puzzle) to help you, or you also can share the puzzle you cant solve to friends to ask for help.